You're here! I'm so happy! 

This website is the culmination of years of daydreaming, many months of active planning, and a big mess of ideas that finally evolved enough to fit nicely together. Now I'm finally doing the dang thing, and I'm about as nervous as can be, but so ready to share my projects and stories with you! 

A few things I'm passionate about that will shape what you find here: 

1. Lists – I once wrote “Make lists” on a to-do list...I'm not always super organized, so diligent list making keeps me moving in the right direction. And I just think it's fun! Shopping lists. Christmas lists. Itineraries. They are my lifeblood. Relatable, journal-style illustrated lists are some of my favorite things to paint and share.

2. History – I grew up in very old houses surrounded by very old stuff. I'm talking every available surface, just covered in old stuff. At my house, at my grandparents' houses, at friends' houses. Now I'm obsessed with finding my own old stuff, and learning about old stuff, and visiting historic places full of their own old stuff. Can't. Get. Enough. Old. Stuff. You'll see that this mainly manifests as an ever-growing collection of vintage dishes. Look for weekly features about the cool pieces I've found over the years! 

3. Words - Since I was a kid, most of my free time was spent reading and writing. And a lot of my not-so-free time, too. I am definitely guilty of surreptitiously reading a novel tucked in a cabinet at work or jotting down story ideas instead of notes during high school math classes. There are pictures of me sound asleep with a pen still in my hand. In recent years I've noticed I read and write way less than I used to. I'm out to change that.

4. Food – But really, who doesn't love food? My tastes are not particularly refined. I like good food and plenty of it. My weaknesses include Indian lunch buffets, egg rolls, IHOP pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, and chocolate with nuts in it. And all the Kroger brand seltzer, all the time. I love to cook, and I love to go out, and I'll be posting about both.

I am a talker, and I love to tell stories. But that means I like to hear stories, too.  As I post, I would love to hear back from you! What do you collect? Who did that set of plates I featured remind you of? What did you just try at a new restaurant that you already want more of? What do you love about your city? I want to know! 

I'm truly grateful you're joining me here. You can expect new posts at least three times a week! You can get in touch on the comments of each post, on the Facebook page here, on Instagram, through my contact form here, or by emailing knolan.art@gmail.com. Let's talk!