Posting Schedule

Here's an idea of what you can expect to find in the blog each week!

  • Mondays: Pictures of My Stuff (POMS)

I'm a collector by nature, and, while some of my collections are very defined, most of what I've accumulated is simply stuff that spoke to me in the moment. POMS will be a weekly feature where I'll share a photograph of one item I own. They'll often be vintage pieces, but not always. I'll tell you what I know about the history of the piece, what I love about it, and how/when it came to be in my possession, if I can remember! These little bits around me bring me so much comfort and pleasure, even if I don't notice each individual piece every day. They become part of the tapestry of my home and the lovely feeling of being rooted in place. I'd love to hear what the pieces remind you of, or if you happen to have something similar!

  • Wednesdays: Story or Roanoke Feature

Every Wednesday I'll be sharing either a short story from my life, or a piece featuring something unique about Roanoke. My plan for now is to alternate weeks between the two topics, but we'll see how the ideas unfold as time passes. Maybe eventually they'll each get their own regular post day every week. Both types will include at least one illustration!

  • Fridays: Illustrated Highlights/Recap

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I love to make illustrated lists. They usually have themes like "Little Things I'll Miss About Our Old Apartment" or "Reasons Today Wasn't Awful" or "Things I Have and Want More Of vs. Things I Have and Want Less Of." Every Friday I'll post a new illustrated list that sums up some aspect of my week, good or bad.

  • Last weekend of the month: Longer Story

At the end of every month I'll post a longer, more in depth story, which will usually include several illustrations. Depending on the length of the piece, I may publish half on Saturday and half on Sunday.

Don't be surprised if some whim takes me, and I end up posting on additional days each week. Videos of my painting process, galleries of new artwork, and little stories will probably pop up often!

Look for the first POMS post tomorrow, and Happy May!