This handsome fellow is a Chilean Pomaireware pig bowl. Pomaire, Chile is a village known for their rich history of indigenous pottery techniques. Early artisans started by crafting practical clay cookware, which is still used widely in Chile today. Now there's also a thriving tourist trade for these vessels, and for other objects made of the dark, reddish brown clay. The three-legged pig is a symbol of good luck in Pomaire, so of course they're a popular design for the pottery pieces! 

I bought this little guy at an antique mall in Salem, Virginia. I think he was priced around $10, and I was just so charmed by his funny face, I snapped him up. Then, to my great surprise, I found another nearly identical bowl in a different antique mall in Salem just a few months later. That bowl is a slightly different shade of brown and didn't come with a spoon. I keep them both on a bookshelf in my bedroom. I don't store anything inside them for fear of damaging the clay, but let's be honest, I never needed them to be practical! I've always wondered if they were originally owned by the same person and somehow got divided between the two stores. If I ever see another one, he's definitely coming home with me. 

Do you have any pieces you've collected that were souvenirs from someone else's long ago adventure? Or some funny, coincidental finds? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!