This "rock concert" paperweight is one of a handful of items I own that belonged to my grandfather, who passed away when I was about two. I've been told many times we had an especially strong bond, and I love the few little reminders of him that I have. All of them have a goofy sense of humor about them like this does. I'm sure the other things I have will make their way onto this page eventually.

These paperweights were made in the 70s, probably following the Pet Rock craze. It likely used to have a little wooden "Rock Concert" sign glued to it, but it was already missing by the time it was handed down to me. It currently lives on a hutch in my kitchen, hanging out with my vintage Pyrex collection. Every time I look at it I think how amazing it is that this incredible glue kept those rocks on there for over 40 years, yet the Krazy Glue I used to fix one of my paintbrushes lasted about six months.