It's probably safe to assume that by now you've noticed I'm a fan of The Office. I truly don't know how many times I've watched the entire series all the way through, but I'd guess it's creeping towards twenty. When I enter a new fandom, which I always seem to do behind everyone else, my husband has a knack for finding me unique little gifts inspired by it. I have a t-shirt with a paintbrush-wielding Dalek on it, a Booker (Animal Crossing video games) pendant, a splatter paint Pokemon t-shirt, a Dalek necklace, Bob's Burgers key chains, etc. - all thoughtful gifts from him. Most of these were meant to be birthday gifts, but once he buys something he is completely incapable of waiting till the actual occasion to give it to me. My birthday is in August, and I've gotten birthday gifts from him as early as April. He just gets too excited. But he always gets it exactly right with each present he buys, and I love him for it.

This wooden peg Dwight doll was a gift from the early days of my love for The Office. I think it is wonderful and adorable, and I credit it with inspiring me to do my own fan art. I keep it on my painting desk, so that it's always reminding me to keep the creativity flowing. Although now I think I might let him hang out near my computer for a while, because I'm enjoying his presence. My husband bought it from scrambledpegs, on etsy. I highly recommend you go check out her shop, and especially the Tom Selleck in a Hawaiian shirt doll. Complete with chest hair!