Part of what makes my newfound passion for watercolors all the more gratifying is how many other art mediums I've unsuccessfully dabbled in over the years. This tiny Dalek was made during an experimentation with Sculpey. I don't remember what got it into my head to try polymer clay, but it only took me about a week of experimenting to be sure it wasn't for me. My hands were always too hot, and the clay would go to mush every time I tried to roll out fine details. I made about ten or twelve little sculptures in all, and eventually used up the rest of the clay doing activities with the kids I was babysitting at the time. The Dalek was the only piece I made that I kept. 

My husband convinced me to start watching Doctor Who a couple years ago. Like with most shows I love, I got on board years after it started airing. I went into it with almost no knowledge of the show. Somehow the public frenzy over it had gone over my head. That first episode with the walking mannequins wasn't quite convincing, but we kept going, and I was hooked. I am, however, a diehard Season 1 to 4 fan, and beyond that, it mostly lost me. I know those are Whovian fighting words, but I think I'd have to write a whole dissertation if I wanted to defend my stance in depth. Other than the Doctor, Rose, and Donna, my favorite characters are, by far, the Daleks. I think they're hilarious and cute, and they have so much more dimension than the other villains. This little guy was my terribly inaccurate ode to my love for them. You can see the thinner areas ended up burning a bit in the oven. Now he lives on a high shelf in my living room, though I probably ought to let him hang out with my Dalek and TARDIS salt and pepper shakers in the kitchen. Trying to think of an "EXTERMINATE!" pun here, but nothing's coming to me. RELOCATE! No. Just know I tried.