I Have Not Vanished!

Okay, well, I sort of have, but I promise it's just a little bump in the road. Several factors at work here:

1) My grief over my dog kicked my ass. I knew it would be hard, but it just plain knocked the wind out of me.

2) It has been so hot. And muggy. I have been so sweaty and miserable, all I want to do is sit in front of a fan and watch Moana. 

3) My laptop is not portable. One of the hinges is broken, which caused the layers of the screen to separate, so I cannot close it and it's held together with duct tape. I underestimated how much of a pain it would be to always be up in my bedroom at my desk to write. It is super hot up there and generally not very toddler friendly. It's looking like a new laptop may be in my nearish future, which would be the biggest help to keep me posting on a regular basis. 

4) I gave myself too much structure and too many rules. I thought it would keep me organized. Instead it made me feel obligated. This blog is not meant to feel like a chore. I love to write, so I'm nixing all elements that take the joy out. 

5) I am going on an amazing vacation, starting Saturday, and I am so damn excited, I can't focus on anything else. My little family is road tripping to New England for two weeks, and not only does my daughter get to spend time with my husband's family, we also get to spend a week on the coast of Maine with some of our very best friends. I've had lobster rolls and hunting for seashells on the brain for weeks. I bought a brand new sketchbook just for the trip, and I intend to keep a very dedicated art travelogue. If I'm able, I'll post some of my sketches while I'm up there, but if I can't I'll definitely share a bunch in a big post when I get home. 

Title page of my travel sketchbook!

After the trip, I'm going to buckle down and write, write, write. I always have a million things to say, I just need to remember to sit and write it down. 

As always, the best place to see daily art is on my Instagram account. I'll also be using their "stories" function to post non-art images of the trip. Thanks for sticking with me! There is much, much more to come!